THD April Income Report

Another month has passed and it is time for another income report.  This was a crazy and eventful month for all who rely on traffic from the search engines to make their living.

At the end of last month I took a big hit to my traffic, in the tune of a 40%  drop.  This was right around the time Google de-indexed a few of the major link networks.  A previous SEO consultant had built some links to my site from a few blog networks and when those links were discounted, a drop in traffic insused.  Also, while reviewing my link profile I discovered that someone has been using Negative SEO tactics on my site.  (I’ve written a post on this that I will put out later in the week. )

Then, on April 24 the “Penguin” Update hit and really shook up the top 10 results in my niche.  When the dust settled I had moved up to 3rd for my main keyword but dropped from 1st on a few of my key long tail keywords that had been sending a majority of my traffic.  In the end, I’ve regained my search traffic back up to where it was 2 months ago.

However, having 40% of my traffic wiped out for the first 3 1/2 weeks took its toll on income for the month even though my conversion rate was up.  Here are my numbers.



Traffic –  9,052 (100%)

Organic – 3,374 (32.27%)

Referral – 800 (8.83%)

Direct – 4,878 (53.88%)

After finishing the month strong I’m looking forward to May.


Social Metrics

This is going to be a new metric I’m going to track  due to its future value.

Facebook Fans – 269

Twitter Followers – 15

Google Circles – 2

Rss Feed – 2



Sales – 8,380

COGS – 6,711

Yahoo Store -40

Yahoo Store Transaction Fees – 126

Unbound Commerce (Moblie Site) – 50

PayPal Payments Pro – 30

PayPal Transaction Fees – 251

Hootsuite – 6

Comcast – 67

Net  Profit – $1,099


There it is, another successful month of selling train horn kits in the books.  Feel free e-mail me if you have any questions.

P.S – My curated list of blogs that provide income reports will be up in a few days after all submissions are in.


About Marc Patrick Galeazzi

My Name is Marc Galeazzi and I'm the owner of Train Horns Delivered. I wanted to start a blog about train horn kits and other awesome car and truck accessories as well as talk about what goes on behind the sense when running and e-commerce store. Find me on Google+ @ +Marc Patrick Galeazzi
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2 Responses to THD April Income Report

  1. Dean Saliba says:

    Nice to see that with all the expenses removed you walked away with over $1000. Would be nice to see a bit more depth to your income reports by seeing how you made the money. :)

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