First Home Brew Batch – An Amber Ale

I just wanted to share some pictures of our first batch of home brew.  I really feel that Florida is an untapped market as far as craft beers are concerned so me and my friend Kelly are taking it open ourselves to see if we can put out some good beers and possibly turn it into a new business.  What do you all think train horn kits and beer?  Sounds like a fun combination to me.

First off we needed some equipment.  After looking around for awhile we decided to buy an all grain brewing setup with keg.

Even though we bought the all-grain brewing set up, for our first batch you took the easy way out and bought an extract kit.

For an extract batch you boil the water and steep the grains for a while to get the color you are looking for.  Next you pour in the malt extract and continue boiling for 60 minutes.  While boiling you also add you hops.

Once the 60 minutes is up you need to cool down the “wort” as fast a possible to avoid infection.

Once the wort has been cooled down to 68 degrees you pout the wort into your fermentation bucket and add the yeast.  That’s were all the magic happens.

2 weeks later the fermentation is complete and its time to transfer the beer into bottles or a keg.  We went the keg route simply for ease of use.

A quick taste test to see if we were on the right track.

Finally, a lonely keg ready for the kegerator to be delivered.

This batch as already been drank, I’m just a little behind getting this post up online.  Yesterday we just finished brewing a blonde ale so stay tuned for more updates and brew reports.

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