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Hello everyone, I just wanted to start this blog to show anyone who is interested in what I do as far as running an e-commerce site.  This Thanksgiving will mark 4 years from the point that I became aware that people were making money online.  I’m going to spare you my history of becoming involved in internet marketing but it was full of many mistakes and a few scams.  I just want to put information out there for those who are beggining the process of building an online business as well as those who are just thinking about it.

There are so many people out there you are talkinig about making money online however, there is a much smaller amount of people who actually do.  This is my 3rd year selling train horns on trainhornsdelivered.com and I’ve grown the business from 46K in sales in 08 to 78K in sales in 09 to 123K in sales year to date,  so I do have experience and know what I’m talking about.

I’ll be posting every Monday and if you have and questions feel free to e-mail me at marc@trainhornsdelivered.com

About Marc Patrick Galeazzi

My Name is Marc Galeazzi and I'm the owner of Train Horns Delivered. I wanted to start a blog about train horn kits and other awesome car and truck accessories as well as talk about what goes on behind the sense when running and e-commerce store. Find me on Google+ @ +Marc Patrick Galeazzi
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